中非“真实亲诚”这五年,一文看懂“人类命运共同体”的那些事 | 新时代大讲堂

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2018-07-20 15:26:07


演讲嘉宾 赵忠秀

中非“真实亲诚”这五年,一文看懂“人类命运共同体”的那些事 | 新时代大讲堂



Four thousand years ago, wheat and watermelon were introduced to China from West Asia and Africa; 2,200 years ago, Chinese silk was brought to the Roman empire, and 700 years ago, Zheng He, a Chinese mariner and diplomat in the Ming dynasty, brought ceramics to East Africa during his expeditions to the “West Oceans”.



People wouldn’t be able to appreciate the delicious taste of Asian noodles if wheat hadn’t been introduced to China or Europe.



We live in a time of the Internet, high-speed rail and artificial intelligence. We live in the same global village, at the same time and space where history and reality meet. In fact, we have formed a community of shared future.




Chinese President Xi Jinping raised the question of the era, what is the future direction of human society?


The Chinese solution is to build a community of shared future for mankind and achieve win-win cooperation.



The features of a community of shared future for mankind are lasting peace, universal security, common prosperity,openness and inclusiveness, as well as a clean and beautiful environment.


These are exactly what the world needs. China’s efforts demonstrate some of the best practices for building a community of shared future for mankind.




During his multiple visits to Africa, President Xi Jinping has repeatedly mentioned that China treats its friends in Africa with authenticity; cooperates with Africa for solid outcomes; establishes China-Africa ties with friendliness; and addresses problems of cooperation with sincerity.



A month and a half ago, I visited the control center of the Mombasa-Nairobi Railway in Nairobi, Kenya, where the most advanced high-speed rail control system is used. The chief engineer is a Chinese expert who used to be responsible for the running of the entire Chinese railway system.


China sincerely provides advanced technology to support the development of Africa and helps Africa in the application of Chinese technology and management experience in win-win cooperation.


We are ready to share our knowledge and experience and improve lives through new technology, rather than keeping the technology to ourselves to maintain our competitive edge.


Chinese companies are helping African villages have TV and Internet connections. By paying a small fee, villagers can access over 50 TV channels. They can view pop music concerts as well as the fascinating football World Cup, and are aware of what is going on in the world every day.


The Addis Ababa-Djibouti Railway can reduce freight transport time from 7 days to 10 hours, and passenger trains on the Mombasa-Nairobi Railway have a seat occupancy of above 93%. We are delighted to see that China’s high-speed rail has taken Africa onto the rails of rapid development.

半个多世纪以来,中国援非医疗队与非洲兄弟结下不解之缘。中国医生和当地医生密切配合,挽救了许许多多垂危病人的生命。一盒小小的中国的清凉油,也就是“China 油”,在非洲人民的心目中是救命的神油。

Chinese medical teams in Africa have forged close ties with African brothers ever since the first Chinese medical team came to Africa in 1964. Thanks to the close cooperation between Chinese and African doctors, many lives have been saved. A tiny jar of Tiger Balm ointment, which is also known as "China Oil", is regarded by African people as life-saving medicine.


Today, China-Africa cooperation has been taken to a new high. A series of joint projects in high-speed railways, expressways, regional aviation and infrastructure are being implemented step by step, which will further drive industrialization and urbanization in Africa.


As the BRICS ushers in its second “golden decade”, it openly welcomes the participation of more countries. The “BRICS Plus” model is a good example for South-South cooperation.


Collaboration among BRICS countries is comprehensive and multifaceted. Key areas of cooperation include, but are not limited to: promoting economic development and cooperation; improving innovation capacity; enhancing social justice and inclusiveness; maintaining peace and security; and optimizing global governance structure.



Human beings opened the first chapter of history by stepping out of Africa. Today, we enter Africa and join our efforts in building a better future and a community of shared future for mankind.