承认吧,你只是假装很努力!Are you really trying hard?

作者:张曦 来源:中国日报网
2018-04-24 16:53:21

Your college years, the one time in your life when you can truly appreciate the art of staying up late.


Others may be fooled into thinking that your sleepless nights are the result of intense study, but we know the real reason why you're burning the midnight oil.


承认吧,你只是假装很努力!Are you really trying hard?

Does this sound familiar? Every evening, after returning to your dorm, you sit checking your smartphone for a few minutes, which quickly turns into a few hours. When you do eventually get round to looking at your homework, you can only manage to write a few words before the tedium of it all overwhelms you.


To stop from dozing off, you decide to play a video game — just a few rounds, to reinvigorate your mind and put the pep back in your step so you can start working again. But the next time you check the clock, it's already the wee hours of the morning.


That's when the "panic monster" in your brain takes over and you realize there's no time left to procrastinate. So you grab a hold of your pen and get to work, on the one hand ruing the lack of time you have to complete your task, while also accepting compliments from your roommates who praise you for studying so hard.


You tell yourself you stay up late because you are a hard worker, never admitting that the only person you're fooling is yourself.


And so you start to feel guilty.


"Zhang, it's 8 o'clock! Are you really still at work? How diligent you are! I think someone's destined to get a promotion next year!"


That's what your boss said, a whole 12 months ago. It turns out he's not much of a clairvoyant though, because it's been a year now and not only have you not been promoted, you're more exhausted than ever.


In the dark of night, only a few spots of light can be seen in your almost-empty office. Now and then, the silence is broken by a sudden flurry of keyboard taps, with you among the solitary few still around to be disturbed by them. Despite working overtime every day, you still haven't managed to reach the goals you set for yourself.


But why should this be? You're careful not to get distracted by your phone, and rarely sit around daydreaming. Still, you've hardly anything to show for all the extra time you spend in the office. So you hold your head in your hands and cry out: where did the time go?


承认吧,你只是假装很努力!Are you really trying hard?

Well, perhaps you've failed to notice that the inefficiency of your efforts could never hope to lead to an effective result.


You might feel busy every day, but in truth you're accomplishing little.


All your time is spent imagining a grand future, without ever actually doing what's required to make that dream a reality.


In your mind, you work harder than anyone else, but your results show this to be a lie.


承认吧,你只是假装很努力!Are you really trying hard?

So please, have a rethink. Let's stop it with the lying. Are you really trying hard, or are you hardly trying?